Istvan Kantor

I have this job at the Neutral Ground art gallery and recently I was helping out with a performance art symposium. It took place over the last week and it had some pretty crazy performances to go check out. I went to a panel discussion and was fairly inspired about these peoples thoughts on performance art. I've never really thought much about it before, though I now realize that I do it a lot without really considering it performance art. I'm not even really sure if I would want to start calling it that, because I think that would eventually take the fun out of being silly in public.

The major performance for this whole event was a man by the name of Istvan Kantor. He a very aggressive, industrial act that was very extra sensory. I don't think I liked everything about his performance, but he did some pretty interesting stuff with audio using a sampler, a big mixing board, and some dvd's of his.

Here is a link to his site: Link


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