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Strictly Aphex

Ok! I am a HUGE Aphex Twin fan. I'm sure a few people have picked up on that. Here is a mix from someone named VLR. It's a 3 hour mix of purely Aphex tunes. I seem to come back to it often just as a reminder how diverse his music has been. Hope you enjoy. I believe you can download if you are so inclined.

Beach Boys lost recording sessions

Aphex Twin's remote orchestra

more clips from this show can be found here

Project aided by Weirdcore


I just watched the movie Dune today. I've tried to watch it in the past, but I finally was able to sit down and watch the whole thing. Very curious about the design of it and how it was received by the audience at the time. I did some poking around youtube and found a few videos worth sharing.

Here are some home movies from Sean Young 

Making of Dune (part 1)

Interview with David Lynch

Daft Punk unmasked (in 1995)

and a visit to Daft Punks office?


20 Hz

Bruce Sterling on the singularity

John Carpenter

John Carpenter talking about music for films
Sound of Fear - John Carpenter talks with Simon Reynolds (Part 1) from Sound and Music on Vimeo.



Beautifu animation by Max Hattler. I wish I could make something as beautiful as this. I'm going to have to try a few experiments and see where it goes. This is a modern day version of what John Whitney was trying to make.

I have an earlier post showcasing some of Whitney's work along with a few others.

Microsoft Holodesk

Some more awesome research being done at Microsoft

Found on Engadget

"Fine With me"

Here is a recent Guidewire track. This is the 3rd part of three pieces that will make it up sooner or later.  Hope you enjoy it

Fine with me3 by guidewire ------------------------------

new Bandcamp tracks

Here are two older tracks I've put up on bandcamp. Thought I could make a quick buck off these killer tunes ;-) "Dondon" is an early exploration my MFB synth lite 2

<p><p><p><a href="">Dondon by Guidewire</a></p></p></p>

"Atari" was made using an Atari Punk Console that a local guy made and gave to me.


Indie Game: The movie

Microsoft AR research

Some exciting AR research at Microsoft


Whyte styles

Very interesting study on city spaces from a number of years ago.

whyte styles from chris woebken on Vimeo.

Walking Miss Murphy

This is a nice film my family made for the One Take Super 8 film fest last year in Regina.

New tunes?

Here are two tracks I recently tried to submit to a contest put on through Warp Records, Bleep, and Soundcloud. Looking forward to seeing if they getting anywhere. In the meanwhile you can check them out and tell me what you think.

Novolovo by guidewire
OMG my G by guidewire

The Invite

Here are two variations on a jam I was playing with recently.

The Invite by guidewire

Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet (1998)

Here is the followup documentary to "Triumph of the Nerds"


Some new musical experiments

Here are 3 musical experiments I've sent to the "online".  3 different areas of exploration.

In Closed system I was experimenting with recording an old synth to make loops to layer with.
Closed system by guidewire

Palmer was a straight recording of myself playing in an old organ in a church.

Palmer by guidewire

This recording is basically testing out different parameters on a virtual Korg Electribe drum machine on an iPad.
Terror korgs end by guidewire

And if you wish to hear more all the rest can still be found up at or on band camp


Triumph of the Nerds

Just finished watching this documentary from 1996.  Very interesting to see where all this stuff came from right before the internet took off. The doc was done in 3 episodes on PBS and have been nicely compiled into a playlist of 18 segments on youtube.

I would love to see a real follow-up to this ( apparently there was a sequel 2 years later about the internet, but I think much more has happened)
Here is the wikipedia article on it.


Buckminster Fuller - Everything I Know - Session 1

If you have a large amount of time and love Buckminster Fuller you should have a sit down with these recordings. The whole collection of talks amounts to around 42 hours, but some lovely people have broken it down nicely onto youtube. It's pretty packed full of ideas and probably worth a listen to some of it. I'm defiantly going to try and get through it all (in a few sittings).

Here is the site that the tapes first came from



Gusher pt1

I made a little jam session for myself about a month ago. Thought it was all rather nice and this came out of it. I think I'll probably post all of the 58 minutes some times soon, but this is the first of them. Hope you like it. I haven't edited any of it, I liked it as it was. The music almost has a classical edge to it when I listen to it.

Gusher pt1 by guidewire

Jaron Lanier

Here is a video of a talk Jaron Lanier gave at a conference on Augmented Reality recently. I read his book "You Are Not A Gadget" recently and I'm curious about some of his ideas. He is one of those thinkers that I'm very interested in keeping up on what they have to say (including Bruce Sterling, Clay Shirky, Amber Case and Tim O'Reilly )

He mentions a short story by E.M. Forster (1909) in his talk called "The Machine Stops" that sounds like it would be a worth while read for all of us at some point.

He also mentions an man name Ted Nelson that was one of the early thinkers on technology. I must go learn more about him


Waves Of Fury 12

This is a collection of recordings from the LAST "Waves Of Fury" in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan last night (May 16th, 2011). My set is the first in the list. Very happy to have been a part of an event like this. It's fairly rare to have something like this happen around these parts. It was also awesome to hear what everyone else had going on. Must thank Mark Lowe (Lowebrau) for putting all of these events on.



"Ageing Young Rebel" by DJ Food

Never get tired of this....

If all goes well, you should be able to listen to the full album that this is from here

Novolovo by Guidewire

Another track that I made recently that caught my interest


My Favourite Norman Mclaren animation

and here is an interesting tribute to his original animation


Axel WTF

Little experiment of mine cutting up "Axel F" from Beverly Hills Cops
Axel WTF by guidewire

Video game music

I recently went to Video Games Live. They perform symphonic versions of a bunch of old and new video game soundtracks. It made me think about some of my old favourites and here are a few that didn't make their show, but have stuck with me for a long time.

For some reason the Secret Of Mana soundtrack stuck with me as one of the best.

and this one from Chrono Trigger

Let's not forget Metroid



new Amon Tobin on soundcloud!!!!
most awesome day ever!!!

The player below also has some commentary from Amon Tobin himself about (the dark icons below the audio image)
ISAM by Amon Tobin

It looks like it's actually available for purchase (digital) early due to someone leaking tracks out. Buy it here on ninjatune's site or it's available on iTunes.

I just order the limited edition package with a nice book of images related to the album. Very excited.

Sword & Sworcery LP soundtrack

What a nice soundtrack to a video game + what a great way to make me want an iPad even more.
<p><p><a href="">Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies by Jim Guthrie</a></p></p>

Of course you can check out the whole thing and more of Jim Guthrie's music here.


Randal Travs

Here is a recent track I've been working on. It's still a work in progress.... I gather from others that maybe it's a bit to long. Any thoughts? Someone said it had a little David Bowie in it.

Randal travs by guidewire

Maurice Ravel-Bolero


Squarepusher warp20

Here is a Squarepusher concert for Warp Records 20th anniversary


Reason Enough

Some music I had up on Amie Street while it was still around. Now thought I would re-post it on bandcamp. Please take a listen and give your thoughts. All of these tracks were done in Reason

Reason Enough by Guidewire


Chad VanGaalen

Nice little interview with Chad VanGaalen about his animations, his music and performing.

Here is a new EP of his where 100% of the profit goes to Japan



Here is a piece of music I made last year at some point. Thought I would post it on soundcloud and get a little more feedback on it. I was learning a about Dorian Modes in scales and this track came out of that. There is still lost to learn.

Dorian by guidewire

I think I also chimed into Dorian Modes at the time because I was also listening to the artist that goes by the name Dorian Concept ...


Tim Hecker

I thought this combination would be nice together. Curious about the idea of "church music for atheists".


100 Dollar Film Festival

This weekend both my father and I had a films in 100 Dollar Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

I've captured into the digital realm and put it up on youtube for all to enjoy. I made this for the 2009 "One Take Super 8" in Regina. It was pretty amazing to see it up on the big screen with various other experimental film makers from around the world.

And here is my dad's film "Big Jim"


The New Sound Of Music 1979

I love this so much ...



Experiment that has been sitting on my computer for a few months and needed to get a little feedback on. Tell me your thoughts. I was playing around with a vocoder effect on my computer coupled with a looper pedal processor that lead to the underlying growling effect. Enjoy
Chuggable by guidewire

Meme Theory - Guidewire album

Put some music up for sale here... It's pay what you want ;-) It's some of my first explorations of sound I did when I first got my laptop back in 2007. It's a bit looser and more ambient than most of the stuff I've done. This music is also at a point that I'm tired of it and want to let it out into the wilderness.

you can check it out here as well...


Vocal Experimentation

Here is an experiment with my voice. Hope you like it. It's all done live, one take ... none-sense
Voice experiment by guidewire


MAGI Synthavision

From the people who would bring you some of the 3d animation in the first Tron film.

Some more info on them here,_Inc.


This is awesome


Augmented Reality and Sound

As some of you may know, I've been working on Augmented Reality projects at Talking Dog Studios and I also have a great love for sound in all it's forms. I think these two videos compliment each other and I think I'm curious to look more into these concepts. I've been playing around with a app for the iPhone called RJDJ that seems to sit in the middle of these two videos. Enjoy ...



UPDATE: Here is a link to the beginnings of my apartment game

I've started trying to make my apartment (& surrounding area) into a video game. I'm doing it using Unity 3d.  I will report back with further info.


Bruce Sterling discussing video

I just love listening to Bruce Sterling talks.  I highly suggest you listen to what he has to say then we can go talk about it together. You can follow this video up by going to his blog on Wired magazines website

Closing Keynote: Vernacular Video from Vimeo Festival on Vimeo.

At the end he mentions a few people (Gurus of the Guru)....The one I actually caught was Lev Manovich.
Here is a link to his website and I'll have to go back and catch some of the others.

Also, I've been meaning to gather up a post about Bruce for some time and I'll try find all his other talks and post them up on here.



Marshall McLuhan

Currently I have been reading a biography on the brilliant Canadian thinker Marshall McLuhan.  It was written by brilliant (or so I've heard) Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland.  I've been curious about Marshall for a number of years and the book has made me eager to go look deeper into his ideas. Hopefully I can gather up his ideas and discuss them on this blog at some point in the future, but I'll just send you around to a few links to get the ball rolling.

I recently stumbled across this amazing blog called Binary Heap full of awesome posts about music software, music theory, generative art and lots of amazing topics. I found a post on Marshall here that gave me the urge to post a few things here.

The Medium is the Massage - which can be found on Ubu Web along with other here: 
I've listened to this many times in the last few years and every time I find something new in it. These recordings are great collages of his i…