Art Sale

We had a little, tiny artsale this afternoon at a local coffee shop called roca jacks. It was wonderful yet no great sales were done. I did get good feed back from my art that I tried to sell. Though I kinda think that my pricing was a bit high for an art sale. I think my pieces were worth that or more, but alas no sale. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next thing I try to sell. I did, however, end up selling a CD of my music. I've had strange random sales of the CD. Usually it's someone buying it out of some curious interest in the graphic or something. Now I have to go and print my next batch.

Yesterday I taught a small workshop on photoshop. It was a relative success. Only to nice, creative ladies came in to learn from my instruction. Offered up what I knew and they seemed to get some ideas out of it.

Here are 3 of my semi-important tips:
1. Go check out Image After for good stock photos.
2. Google image search is wonderful and helpful.
3. photoshop tv is goot help.


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