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Augmented Reality

So, I've been exploring the technicalities and coolness of "Augmented Reality" AR at my workplace over the last week or so. It's a process of basically overlaying 2d or 3d images onto video of the world in "real time". This can be done using a video camera and a computer which could then lead to some kind of headset in the future. The process has been around for a number of years, but recently it has become possible to do it relatively easy on a website.

here is a video that got our curiosity going

It's designed using Adobe Flash, a code library called papervision3d , and another library calledFLARToolKit based off of ARToolKit.

Saqoosha, who translated the code to work with flash, has some sample code to get started

There is a nice starter article that I've been going back to more than once from Mikko Haapoja out of Toronto:

A company called Boffswana designed a little monster AR…