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Music and Modern Times

In order to add to the world of infinite information I thought I would make a little post pointing to some of my latest music.

Last soul 3 by guidewire

Dont want to loose by guidewire

I'm trying to focus my efforts on new music and I have lots of stuff sitting on my computer waiting to make it on to the online or some other medium.  I'm really starved for some useful feedback on this stuff.  If you like it or hate it please drop a line.  If you sign up for soundcloud you can download the tracks as well. I've put most of them up as downloadable, so go wild. Also, if you have any suggestions on where I can take this stuff...( labels, video games, tv shows, film, elevator music...) point me in that direction.

Also, this is pretty awesome

MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.------------------------------