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The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Culture

I've recently picked up a book from my local library called "The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Culture". I found an article at popmatter that some of you interest in learning more about this book, without having to read it, can go check out. I'm only getting into the first little part of it, but I'm very curious about this intersecting world of life and technology.

The book has a number of essays on cyborgs and the arts and doesn't make me want to be a cyborg at all.

Marshall Mcluhan

So, I got a book from the library on Marshall McLuhan and I was reminded about this interesting man. I went and found a page on Wikipedia about him and remembered listening to a recording of his I found on ubuweb . It is called "The Medium is the Massage". It's an interesting collage of sounds and quotes and anything else they could get their hands and ears on.

The recording can totally and fully be found here. Please listen to it, be happy and take what you can from it. I found it inspiring and I hope you find it an interesting window into the world of media.

I'm curious about the man who was Mcluhan. He seemed like a compulsive creative thinker who was always thinking about his world. I find that I have many of the same qualities as he did, or it could be that I hope I do.

Art Sale

We had a little, tiny artsale this afternoon at a local coffee shop called roca jacks. It was wonderful yet no great sales were done. I did get good feed back from my art that I tried to sell. Though I kinda think that my pricing was a bit high for an art sale. I think my pieces were worth that or more, but alas no sale. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next thing I try to sell. I did, however, end up selling a CD of my music. I've had strange random sales of the CD. Usually it's someone buying it out of some curious interest in the graphic or something. Now I have to go and print my next batch.

Yesterday I taught a small workshop on photoshop. It was a relative success. Only to nice, creative ladies came in to learn from my instruction. Offered up what I knew and they seemed to get some ideas out of it.

Here are 3 of my semi-important tips:
1. Go check out Image After for good stock photos.
2. Google image search is wonderful and helpful.
3. photoshop tv is …

Nov. 23rd at Gabbo's

Come to this event a Gabbo's on the 23rd. It'll be a kicker...I'll be DJing first part of the evening.


Last night I went to a discussion on whether or not Einstein's was right with his theories. It was a thought provoking night and I wanted to learn more about Einstein afterwords. I was really curious about a certain part of the discussion where the talk went into "space-time" and how time can be bent. I felt a bit in disbelief in the whole thing. But, I'm totally curious to see where they were going with this idea. The guy giving the discussion talked about how an atomic clock on earth would end up having a different time than an atomic clock orbiting in space. It seemed to me that this would have more to do with the object or mechanism than whether or not time was "bending". But, I really don't know all of the details. I don't really want to believe that it's true though. I feel that their should be a constant, universal time that we all exist in.

Street Art

I find myself wanting to draw on anything and everything. There are many walls, signs, boxes, and other objects that call me to put something on them. At this point I haven't done much of this kind of art, but it feels like the city needs more of it. I think it would colour our city so nicely. We need to be surprized by what we see in our city, not bored or annoyed by the big box stores.

I really want to approach businesses and ask them if they would allow me to make interesting paintings on their walls. I want to pick out a few places were I really feel like something needs to be there and then talk to those owners and convince them that they need to let me do it. Or i could just sneak in and do it ;)

I should also mention the graphic above was found on the wonderful street art website
That's my thought for now...

Istvan Kantor

I have this job at the Neutral Ground art gallery and recently I was helping out with a performance art symposium. It took place over the last week and it had some pretty crazy performances to go check out. I went to a panel discussion and was fairly inspired about these peoples thoughts on performance art. I've never really thought much about it before, though I now realize that I do it a lot without really considering it performance art. I'm not even really sure if I would want to start calling it that, because I think that would eventually take the fun out of being silly in public.

The major performance for this whole event was a man by the name of Istvan Kantor. He a very aggressive, industrial act that was very extra sensory. I don't think I liked everything about his performance, but he did some pretty interesting stuff with audio using a sampler, a big mixing board, and some dvd's of his.

Here is a link to his site: Link

An addition

So I've been busy with other things lately and I haven't had much time to add to this blog of mine. It's not like many people read this, so I don't have to be too worried about not adding something every day. The last few weeks have been preoccupied with planning for both a Halloween party at gabbos and a haunted house at a friends apartment building. Both were amazing events and I'm happy with all the people that came and wish the people that missed it had got a chance to see both of them.

I was going to be teaching a class on MAX/MSP at the Neutral Ground art gallery this last weekend but no one signed up for it and it just didn't happen. There will be a catch up some time soon for people that might want to do it some other time. We'll see when it happens.