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Liquid Skies: Sci-fi visions

Awesome animation of some shiny future.

I've been wondering why we never see sci-fi done to this detail. So much concept art like this is full of detail, but it ends of getting watered down for the full film watching experience.
Liquid Skies- Teaser 1 from Annis Naeem on Vimeo.

Music is by Amon Tobin.

Magic Mirror

Very interesting mirror project.

This project is making use of a number of pieces of technology that I've been experimenting with lately. OpenframeworksUnity3dblender3d and some facetracking

AT&T Archives: Robot, by Jim Henson


Hand Drawn Holograms


Still Life

Interesting stuff.
I've been exploring Unity3d for the awhile now and am excited to start adding senor information into the mix.

Still Life from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

More information on the Artists site

Boardwalk Empire VFX

Impressive compositing skillz

Global COLLAPSE 2012 Q & A Part 1/4

I'm not sure how fearful to actually be, but I feel it's important to look into these details more deeply.

From Dust

This looks pretty interesting... Wonder if this is available to try out somewhere...

Game's site is can be found here

The Coming War on General Purpose Computation

Press Play Pause


The Future of Money


Moog Cycles

Here is an "album" I just put online of a recent series of experiments that I did with an iPad and the Animoog app put out by Moog.

<p><p><a href="">Moog Cycles by Guidewire</a></p></p>

The Information Machine (1958)


We are all Cyborgs

Here is a talk from Amber Case.  She has some really interesting ideas on how we interface with each other and technology.

Amber is working on a book that is exploring these ideas.
You can see of it here.

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