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So, I'm having a little Daftpunk fever. I picked up the Alive 2007 Daftpunk concert album just a few days ago and I'm been listening to it while driving around and it's a pretty decent listen. Then I remembered to myself that Daftpunk put out a strange obscure little experimental film just awhile ago called Electroma.

You can watch the whole film here:
electroma on google video

Now before you play the clip below you should watch the whole movie first. I suppose you don't have to, but it may add to the enjoyment. Apparently, from what it looks like, the whole film was edited to their last album, but then replaced with the experimental, cinematic soundtrack that went along with the theater release. I'm sure this has probably come up in a few places on the net, but this was the first one on me so I thought I would share with yall.

and to finish this all off, here is a review of the film with a little added discussion about see the film in a theater vs the youtube, …