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Society6 prints

Time for mass production @society6 A photo posted by Ryan Hill (@guidewire) on Dec 12, 2014 at 7:20pm PST

I'm trying my hand at taking some of my photo playing around and turning them into physical objects. Gradually getting images up there.

Check out

growing structures


Simulating Sound for 3d graphics

WIP - Coordinated Pt2

WIP - Edmonton Wedding

Forgot to put this up here sooner.  This started as a throwaway little synth line and I started playing my piano while listening to it and it ended up being something fairly interesting.

Ed Catmull talkings about Creativity and Pixar

Milton Galser

Recent Guidewire experiments

Something a bit lighter ...

Something a bit darker ...

2012 Dry Ice performance at Sounds like

Lorn - Sega Sunset

Fada Dance: Pony Ride

A number of years ago I made some music for this dance project by FadaDance.

Video by Shawn Fulton
Music by Me

Lazers and Sound

I'm getting more excited about playing with lazers and sound. Here a few projects that seem to fit the bill.

Bass Projector by Nick Zammuto (of The Books)

Robin Fox

Aphex Twin Pendulum Array

Scanning myself in 3D

Was playing with 123d Catch at work before Christmas

Motion tracking tests from Ryan Hill on Vimeo.