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Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet (1998)

Here is the followup documentary to "Triumph of the Nerds"


Some new musical experiments

Here are 3 musical experiments I've sent to the "online".  3 different areas of exploration.

In Closed system I was experimenting with recording an old synth to make loops to layer with.
Closed system by guidewire

Palmer was a straight recording of myself playing in an old organ in a church.

Palmer by guidewire

This recording is basically testing out different parameters on a virtual Korg Electribe drum machine on an iPad.
Terror korgs end by guidewire

And if you wish to hear more all the rest can still be found up at or on band camp


Triumph of the Nerds

Just finished watching this documentary from 1996.  Very interesting to see where all this stuff came from right before the internet took off. The doc was done in 3 episodes on PBS and have been nicely compiled into a playlist of 18 segments on youtube.

I would love to see a real follow-up to this ( apparently there was a sequel 2 years later about the internet, but I think much more has happened)
Here is the wikipedia article on it.