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Speculative Everything

Cuphead game

Interesting looking video game coming out of Regina, Sask from Studio MDHR.

Game website for future info

Norman McLaren VS Michael Langan

I'm a big fan of Normal McLaren and was curious to find this modern film maker Michael Langan trying to push this technique further.

Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.

Pas de deux by Norman McLaren, National Film Board of Canada


Motion Tracking weirdness

All in a days work at Talking Dog.  Playing with Kinect and Blender3D

Rob Ford head dance

Something I made while I was trying to figure out more important things.

Kinect based Whack-A-Mole game

This is a game project we did for a little fun at the Riderville celebration before the Grey Cup last week. Done with a Microsoft Kinect, Processing, and some creative programming. A little partnership between my workplace of Talking Dog Studios and IKS Media .

Lindstrom in the studio

The Journey to Modern Non-Linear Editing

I've really enjoyed all the videos from Filmmaker IQ

The evolution of the green screen

Smurtle by Guidewire

I need to think up better names... but...!?
This has a little hint of my new Pittsburgh Modular system 1.

Peter Thiel talk at SXSW 2013

On the money, Networked Society

2012 dry ice performance at Sounds Like

Performance and Experiments with Dry Ice

I did a performance yesterday (Sept 28th) as a part of Culture Days which was hosted by Holophon audio arts organization based in Saskatchewan. Here are some small clips from it plus some fun little experiments with my excess ice that I had laying around.

Bret Victor on The Future of Programming

A interesting talk about thinking outside the box

he also has a number of projects and lectures that seem to be worth checking out

Lucasfilm realtime 3D experiments

Read the full scoop over at The INQUIRER:

Box: projection mapping and robots

Disney Physical Animation Research

Lost & Found

experiments with motiontracking in processing

Datamosh Vine of Mine

These two vines are done using this datamosh plugin found here ( for Quartz Composer

Jackson DJ set at Villette Sonique 2013

Optical flow experiments

HELLO WORLD! Processing

Hello World! Processing from Ultra_Lab on Vimeo.

I've been playing around with processing great deal as of late. Really enjoying Daniel Shiffman Nature of Code video series and book

Elastic Face of Kyle McDonald

Art's birthday performance Jan 2013 @ Neutral Ground

A celebration of art

canada day mix

James Murphy interview

Weather Worlds

Richard Devine studio

SIRIUSMO interview



Bruce Sterling at AWE 2013

Yes yes! I'm a Bruce Sterling fan.

Bruce Sterling at NEXT13


Talking about Planet Mu

Bibio sampling in his garden


Origins of FM Synthesis


Clandestine: Anomaly

This is a project I'm working on.  Doing some of the AR programming and the studio I work at is also doing sound for the game.

Steve Beckett From Warp Records

Lecture: Steve Beckett (Toronto 2007) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

Really interesting hearing him talk about the early days and the big artists in their roster.

There are some other great talks to check out here.

Simian Mobile Disco setup

It's nice to see more artists going back to hardware ;-)


Korgomoogo by guidewire
An experiment with my Korg Monotribe and Moog Animoog iPad app.

Bruce Sterling on Norman Bel Geddes


Combat Dance

Some music I did for a dance competition held by Fada Dance this weekend.

Bruce Sterling @ SXSW 2013

Always a collection of interesting ideas.

Wind Up! by Eric Hill



Enjoying this artist.  Seems to be along the lines of Photodementia and Dave Monolith

Brian Eno


Adrian Utley from Portishead with some synths


Manchester in Paris


The Future of music according to Jim Morrison


Aphex interview BBC radio 3 mixing it


Atari's Nolan Bushnell


Apparently Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were hired by Atari to write the game Breakout

Japannnaaa by Guidewire

Miller Puckette of MaxMSP/Pure Data fame

I've been playing with PD and Max for years. Last year I got a copy of Max4Live and have been excited to experiment more with it with more complex compositions.

Music and Memory


Designing Far Cry 3

I've always been very curious about the process of making video games. Sooner or later I will make my own. I'm particularly interested in their attempts to screw with the most linear path to an end goal and the constant feed back of how users move around their world.

Understand Music

John Foxx and Friends discuss identity

Gary Numan

To be honest I hadn't really listened to a great deal of Gary Numan besides "Cars".
Started listening to a bunch of hist stuff on Rdio. I'm sickly in love with all the synths and was happy-ish to recognize that Basement Jaxx sampled his track "M.E."

Theo Parrish interview

Saw him DJ at the Mutek festival in Montreal a few years ago. Last set of the festival and a very early flight in the morning.

Jackson and His Computer Band

Wonder what he is up to lately ...

A NEW year mix