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Music and Modern Times

In order to add to the world of infinite information I thought I would make a little post pointing to some of my latest music.

Last soul 3 by guidewire

Dont want to loose by guidewire

I'm trying to focus my efforts on new music and I have lots of stuff sitting on my computer waiting to make it on to the online or some other medium.  I'm really starved for some useful feedback on this stuff.  If you like it or hate it please drop a line.  If you sign up for soundcloud you can download the tracks as well. I've put most of them up as downloadable, so go wild. Also, if you have any suggestions on where I can take this stuff...( labels, video games, tv shows, film, elevator music...) point me in that direction.

Also, this is pretty awesome

MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.------------------------------

Sound Design Inspiration

This is an awesome sonic experience. 
I've been getting deeper into the world of "sound design" and this is a great journey through it.

Electric Deluxe Podcast 005 Richard Devine by RichardDevine

"A Journey through some of my favorite Electroacoustic pieces. On Electric Deluxe Podcast 005.
Pieces from Ake Parmerud, Trevor Wishart, Francis Dhomont, Denis Smalley, Curtis Roads, Horacio Vaggione, Natasha Barrett, Jonty Harrison, Francois Bayle, Pierre Henry, Bernard Parmegiani, Hugh Le Caine, Iannis Xenakis, Ekkehard Ehlers, Jean-Claude Risset, Morton Subotnick, Tod Dockstader, and Joseph Hyde. "


Enjoy this
QCC from zeitguised on Vimeo.
would love to make weird stuff like this


Dorkbot Ensemble - Saskatoon Performance

Last week I was traveling around Saskatchewan as a part of the Dorkbot Ensemble. Here is a recording of my solo performance at Paved Arts in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Dorkbot Ensemble performance by guidewire

Here is a small video of our workshop/jam at Paved
Dorkbot Saskatoon November 2010 from PAVED Arts on Vimeo.


Dorkbot Ensemble tour

This week I'm on a little music tour around Saskatchewan.

We are going to Yorkton, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.

The Dorkbot Ensemble concerts feature Ryan Hill, Ernie Dulanowsky, Jeff Morton and John Hampton (all of Regina).

We just finished our first show in Yorkton and it was a good start to the whole tour. Worked out some kinks and it seems like we picked up a few new fans ;-) More to come over the next few days.

Here is a vid of some of our past performances...
Dorkbot Ensemble from Neutral Ground on Vimeo.Here is Neutral Ground's event page

Here is the facebook event ...

New Aphex Twin Interview

So I've been inspired and obessed with Aphex Twin ( Richard D. James) music for years. I've been listening to his side project The Tuss non stop for a year or so. I've been searching the blogs, forums and what ever other venue I could to find info on anything new. Today the "twitter" alerted me to a new interview with him. You can read it from these links below. I'm totally pumped to hear his "6 completed albums" .... hopefully in one big box set.


Some nice thoughts from him...

Check here for more discussion

here is one of his "new" untitled tracks

and here is a remix I made of one of his Tuss tracks
Last rushup 10( guidewire remix) by The Tuss by guidewire

Thought this was interesting to include...

Update (march21_11):
Aphex played a unreleased track known by fans as the "Manchester Track" out at an event in Singapore this weeke…

motion and sound

The other day a friend posted this video online

rhythm 23 by Hans Richter (1923)
and music by The Soft Moon "Parallels" (2010)

This got me thinking about the simple magic of animating shapes. I love animation and I've been recently thinking more of the coordination of sound and image (in particular black and white imagery). I've been playing around with making sounds with black and white imagery using a program called photosounder.

The video above sent me on this journey through youtube and led me to this video.

Viking Eggeling - Symphonie Diagonale
from 1924

After the last video I was reminded about John Whitney. I had been introduced to Whitney a year or so ago through my interests in abstract computer graphics and music. His work was exploring the harmony of sound an image together. I would love to study more of his work and ideas.

Here is one of Whitney's called Matrix III from 1972

and here is a piece of his that tries to condense his various styles together.