motion and sound

The other day a friend posted this video online

rhythm 23 by Hans Richter (1923)
and music by The Soft Moon "Parallels" (2010)

This got me thinking about the simple magic of animating shapes. I love animation and I've been recently thinking more of the coordination of sound and image (in particular black and white imagery). I've been playing around with making sounds with black and white imagery using a program called photosounder.

The video above sent me on this journey through youtube and led me to this video.

Viking Eggeling - Symphonie Diagonale
from 1924

After the last video I was reminded about John Whitney. I had been introduced to Whitney a year or so ago through my interests in abstract computer graphics and music. His work was exploring the harmony of sound an image together. I would love to study more of his work and ideas.

Here is one of Whitney's called Matrix III from 1972

and here is a piece of his that tries to condense his various styles together.

and to end it off here is a little something from Ron Hays called Digit

In the coming months I hope to post a few more articles that condense some of my ideas as of late. I like the idea of creating a more permanent record of these things. Hopefully we can delve a little deeper....

here is a last link about the Vortex Concerts that ties in some more to John Whitney


berny said…
neat stuff man. i'd be interested in helping out if i can. i don't know any of the references you brought up, but i did like some of it... some of it isn't my cup of tea, but some of it i dug. i like the dancy girl is Digit and i could see myself shooting something like the first one with a Bolex and paper [cut-out animation].
good luck with your project!

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