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Vocal Experimentation

Here is an experiment with my voice. Hope you like it. It's all done live, one take ... none-sense
Voice experiment by guidewire


MAGI Synthavision

From the people who would bring you some of the 3d animation in the first Tron film.

Some more info on them here,_Inc.


This is awesome


Augmented Reality and Sound

As some of you may know, I've been working on Augmented Reality projects at Talking Dog Studios and I also have a great love for sound in all it's forms. I think these two videos compliment each other and I think I'm curious to look more into these concepts. I've been playing around with a app for the iPhone called RJDJ that seems to sit in the middle of these two videos. Enjoy ...



UPDATE: Here is a link to the beginnings of my apartment game

I've started trying to make my apartment (& surrounding area) into a video game. I'm doing it using Unity 3d.  I will report back with further info.


Bruce Sterling discussing video

I just love listening to Bruce Sterling talks.  I highly suggest you listen to what he has to say then we can go talk about it together. You can follow this video up by going to his blog on Wired magazines website

Closing Keynote: Vernacular Video from Vimeo Festival on Vimeo.

At the end he mentions a few people (Gurus of the Guru)....The one I actually caught was Lev Manovich.
Here is a link to his website and I'll have to go back and catch some of the others.

Also, I've been meaning to gather up a post about Bruce for some time and I'll try find all his other talks and post them up on here.



Marshall McLuhan

Currently I have been reading a biography on the brilliant Canadian thinker Marshall McLuhan.  It was written by brilliant (or so I've heard) Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland.  I've been curious about Marshall for a number of years and the book has made me eager to go look deeper into his ideas. Hopefully I can gather up his ideas and discuss them on this blog at some point in the future, but I'll just send you around to a few links to get the ball rolling.

I recently stumbled across this amazing blog called Binary Heap full of awesome posts about music software, music theory, generative art and lots of amazing topics. I found a post on Marshall here that gave me the urge to post a few things here.

The Medium is the Massage - which can be found on Ubu Web along with other here: 
I've listened to this many times in the last few years and every time I find something new in it. These recordings are great collages of his i…