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A quick formal update. I know the world of twitter has taken up a lot of people's time, but I thought I would take a little moment to at least try mentioning that I've put some music up at soundcloud. Here is the player with some tracks that I just felt like they needed to be aired out a bit.

Guidewire experiments by guidewire

Hopefully I can get some feed back and see if any actually like a few of them. You guys can download them from soundcloud I believe. Also, these aren't really finished finished tracks. But, I guess sometimes after putting them out there is no going back.

I just finished up two week or so of inspiring festival going and I can see more music starting to bubble up right away that I have some time to relax a little more. I hope to start getting some more complete ideas down on here as well. I'm also feeling like I may or may not start another blog that is more geared towards my work/tech research. But, I'll probably wait until I start post…