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Fugglies Demo

Here is a little video we've put together at my work. It kinda came out of some of my experiments with motion tracking and just general craziness.


Here are some pictures of my trip I took in September to Toronto and Newyork for about a week.

motion tracking

So, at work awhile ago I had been playing around with motion tracking. Here is what I came up with.


Here are some wonderful videos my brother has been making.

"River" the movie

I designed the website for the movie "River" directed by Mark Wihak from Regina here. I just did a few tweaks to the website and thought I would point people towards it to go check it out.

You can find the beautiful little site at

It's a really nice little film and its a pleasure to see your hometown and a few friends on screen.

Also, maybe if your adventurous enough you could try to do a screening of this film in your city by contacting Mark.

Map of interesting places

Here is a map of my home town of Regina Saskatchewan that I started on google maps. It's supposed to be a collection of "places worth of note". Currently there are 8 contributors, but I would love to have more. If you have a google account and would like to be contacted, please drop me a line.

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Connect Electronic Festival

So, I played the "opening" set, in the chill tent, at the Connect Electronic Music Festival this year. It started around 6pm on the friday of the festival. When I got there to set up some other guys had been playing there for 2 hours it wasn't totally the "opening" set, but it was close enough. I had a fun little setup of my computer, midi keyboard, delay pedal, and microphone. There were some sounds set up in ableton live (Clark, Matthew Dear, Guidewire, sound scapes, on) and some strange sounds coming from my voice.

I captured about 3/4ths of it, but I find its a pretty decent, fun mix. It's definatly something to listen to more than once.

» Check it out «

more sets found here

Internet Memes

A nice little timeline from

The Situation

I was just listening to the album "Situation" by Buck 65 and I was pleasantly surprised. The last few times I've heard his music I was slightly disappointed. Generally I listen to his music and I enjoy his choice of words and the production, then I see him perform and get distracted and off put by the wordiness. Situation was produced by Scratch Bastid and it's got some nice sounds. Totally enjoyed it. SCRATCH BASTID IS AWSOME.!..!..i might ad.

I'm thinking I should try my hand at music reviews here. I'll keep you posted.....if there is a you. I'm trying to work on a nice report of a trip I took to Toronto recently. I saw a bunch of great concerts worthy of note and visual documentation. Hopefully I can gather up something to note. I'm slightly discouraged by the whole BLOG thing. I can see some of the benefits of it. But, then you sit down and try to write a little something and it goes nowhere. I suppose it has something to do with Engl…


So, I encourage people to add to these two wikipedia entries.

I'm kinda curious about building up a database or collection of all the present and past musicians in Saskatchewan. I think a lot of artists can end up spending may years working on their creative en devours without any recognition. So, I feel like it would be nice to start up a good collection of names and stories.

Walkers Show

I think there may be an influx of new shows from myself in the coming months. I had two shows about 2 weeks ago and I've gotten to putting one of them up on the net and I'll be nice and try to space out the other one so you guys out there in the "net" can think about what you listened to and then maybe try to match it up with the other show. You listen and download the show and I would love to hear any feed back. I have my other shows up on my "guidewire" show page. I'm kinda trying to figure out what I should be using the page for. At this point I was planning on putting up mostly my performances, but I've thought up putting up some remixes and such that maybe couldn't be sold but would still be fun to hear. I'm also still into the idea of "selling" music of mine, but don't really seem to want to "buy" it.

Also, I would love if people felt it in their hearts to donate/tip/fund to my musicalness, but I'm awar…

sound presentation

So, I was asked to give a presentation in a CS class at the U of R on Friday the 1st. My presentation can be found below. I was trying my hand at Google Presentation just to see what it was like.

The presentation may need some explanation past this. I will probably be holding onto it and tweaking it over time. I'll be giving a workshop on Ableton live coming up in June I believe. I probably should go double check that.


So, I'm having a little Daftpunk fever. I picked up the Alive 2007 Daftpunk concert album just a few days ago and I'm been listening to it while driving around and it's a pretty decent listen. Then I remembered to myself that Daftpunk put out a strange obscure little experimental film just awhile ago called Electroma.

You can watch the whole film here:
electroma on google video

Now before you play the clip below you should watch the whole movie first. I suppose you don't have to, but it may add to the enjoyment. Apparently, from what it looks like, the whole film was edited to their last album, but then replaced with the experimental, cinematic soundtrack that went along with the theater release. I'm sure this has probably come up in a few places on the net, but this was the first one on me so I thought I would share with yall.

and to finish this all off, here is a review of the film with a little added discussion about see the film in a theater vs the youtube, …