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All sorts of new projects on the go for the summer. Not totally ready to be to formal in my explainations, but I have plans on making a "zine" of some kind. I've been sitting on that idea for some time now, but I think I have a solid place to go with it. I found this idea for a "poster" zine that is a large scale poster with a number of articles. It'll be focused on Regina and I'll be looking for a few people to contribute their thoughts. I'm not totally sure what the best way to get people to submit is. I've tried before and people never really provided me with content. It could have been because I didn't clearly state dates and methods for giving me stuff.

I guess I would also love to do some more music creation and performance during these summer months. I should get out of my house, but some times creating is so much more interesting than interacting with others. I've recently finished putting up an album of mine called "…