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Buckminster Fuller - Everything I Know - Session 1

If you have a large amount of time and love Buckminster Fuller you should have a sit down with these recordings. The whole collection of talks amounts to around 42 hours, but some lovely people have broken it down nicely onto youtube. It's pretty packed full of ideas and probably worth a listen to some of it. I'm defiantly going to try and get through it all (in a few sittings).

Here is the site that the tapes first came from



Gusher pt1

I made a little jam session for myself about a month ago. Thought it was all rather nice and this came out of it. I think I'll probably post all of the 58 minutes some times soon, but this is the first of them. Hope you like it. I haven't edited any of it, I liked it as it was. The music almost has a classical edge to it when I listen to it.

Gusher pt1 by guidewire