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I just watched the movie Dune today. I've tried to watch it in the past, but I finally was able to sit down and watch the whole thing. Very curious about the design of it and how it was received by the audience at the time. I did some poking around youtube and found a few videos worth sharing.

Here are some home movies from Sean Young 

Making of Dune (part 1)

Interview with David Lynch

Daft Punk unmasked (in 1995)

and a visit to Daft Punks office?


20 Hz

Bruce Sterling on the singularity

John Carpenter

John Carpenter talking about music for films
Sound of Fear - John Carpenter talks with Simon Reynolds (Part 1) from Sound and Music on Vimeo.



Beautifu animation by Max Hattler. I wish I could make something as beautiful as this. I'm going to have to try a few experiments and see where it goes. This is a modern day version of what John Whitney was trying to make.

I have an earlier post showcasing some of Whitney's work along with a few others.

Microsoft Holodesk

Some more awesome research being done at Microsoft

Found on Engadget

"Fine With me"

Here is a recent Guidewire track. This is the 3rd part of three pieces that will make it up sooner or later.  Hope you enjoy it

Fine with me3 by guidewire ------------------------------

new Bandcamp tracks

Here are two older tracks I've put up on bandcamp. Thought I could make a quick buck off these killer tunes ;-) "Dondon" is an early exploration my MFB synth lite 2

<p><p><p><a href="">Dondon by Guidewire</a></p></p></p>

"Atari" was made using an Atari Punk Console that a local guy made and gave to me.