Oct 31, 2011


I just watched the movie Dune today. I've tried to watch it in the past, but I finally was able to sit down and watch the whole thing. Very curious about the design of it and how it was received by the audience at the time. I did some poking around youtube and found a few videos worth sharing.

Here are some home movies from Sean Young 

Making of Dune (part 1)

Interview with David Lynch

Oct 25, 2011

Oct 20, 2011


Beautifu animation by Max Hattler. I wish I could make something as beautiful as this. I'm going to have to try a few experiments and see where it goes. This is a modern day version of what John Whitney was trying to make.

I have an earlier post showcasing some of Whitney's work along with a few others.

Microsoft Holodesk

Some more awesome research being done at Microsoft

Found on Engadget

Oct 18, 2011

"Fine With me"

Here is a recent Guidewire track. This is the 3rd part of three pieces that will make it up sooner or later.  Hope you enjoy it

Fine with me3 by guidewire ------------------------------

Oct 3, 2011

new Bandcamp tracks

Here are two older tracks I've put up on bandcamp. Thought I could make a quick buck off these killer tunes ;-) "Dondon" is an early exploration my MFB synth lite 2

"Atari" was made using an Atari Punk Console that a local guy made and gave to me.

I'll be posting more up on bandcamp to help "free up some space" from soundcloud and hopefully "sell" some music.

I also have a new experiment up on soundcloud

Cargo march by guidewire ------------------------------