Feb 21, 2006

Graffiti LEDs

I found this linkhttp://graffitiresearchlab.com/ on Rhizome.org. I would really like to go put a bunch of these together and go a building up in my area. So nice, wikkid and lovely. Here are instruction on how to go make an LED graffiti magnet.

Feb 14, 2006

oh valentines day

I submitted this image for an exercise of sorts being put on by terminus1525. You can view my picture here http://www.terminus1525.ca/node/23786 and go check out the others by clicking on the "anti-valentine" link at the bottom of the terminus page I've linked to. I'm thinking I should search the world for other places to flex my graphic muscle.

Feb 6, 2006

Burning man

Black Rock from Above
Originally uploaded by DogFromSPACE.
So, I've been going through the flicker website quite regularly and lately I've been getting into images from the burning man festival last year. You can take a look at a few of the pictures here and start planning your way out there.