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The slow blogger

The "job" of being a blogger. I suppose it's worth while to keep posting on here with the chance that someone looks at this semi regularly.

I've been living the life of a 9 to 5-er. It's certainly no normal 9 to 5, but I could never live the normal bump and grind life. Part of my job over the past little while has been to look after various aspects of my bosses website for his book "Imagining the Tenth Dimension". There have been all numbers of things I had to learn about while looking after this little project. I've been using all number of google tools to track parts of the sites success. I'm been in awe of google calendar, spreadsheet, notebook, analytics, adsense, books, sketchup, and earth. It's certainly had an impact on my life.

People should really go check out all those wonderful google stuff.

I've also become a Apple head as of late. I picked up a little macbook pro the other day and it has been a regular help and worry.…


So, my life has seemingly become one of meetings. Friends have made note of our habit to have meetings rather than hang out. It never used to be that way. We used to just sit around and talk about things that would be fun, but now we "plan" them. Connect is happening in a few days and we have great plans to do fun strange things there. I've lost my focus over that slightly. I'm no longer interested in doing highly complicated fun things. I rather just sit around in the sun and listen to good music.

I'll be DJing alittle bit at connect this year as I have mentioned already. It looks to me that I will be playing 6:30pm on Saturday morning. Does that seem like a great time or what? I'm not sure if I'll be awake even at that time, but I guess that is what a good festival is for.....lack of sleep.


Part of the busy summer that's coming up I'll be getting the chance to go DJ at the Connect electronic music festival. I'm pretty excited about this considering I've been going there for the last 5 years and this year is the first chance for me to make noise instead of listening to it.

Blogging absense

So, I feel this need to fill in an entry to my bloggy thing here. I've been a busy bee thee last few weeks. I picked up a cool job where I get to play around with protools all day....I've been shadowing the talented people at Talking Dog Studios learning how they add sound to various TV shows and movies. I've also been a FLICKR fiend. I seem to check it everyday to see if my friends have posted any cool pictures or to see if anyone has commented on my photos.

Tomorrow I'm going to be apart of a "flashmob". Check out the details here:

Should be interesting and strange. We'll see how it all goes down.

I've also been picking up my summer supplies for urban arting.

yes yes.

Tape for a new generation.

This tape is looking like a must have for any person wanting to put words on walls. . I think everyone has a better idea now of what they should be getting me for my birthday coming up shortly.

DIY oh why?

I'm excited to see how this rampant DIY culture is going to move our generation along in the next few years and beyond. I was reading an article on CBC's website today that was discussing DIY poster making in Montreal. Now, I'm a regular poster maker and I was very curious about what was what on Montreal streets. In the article they talk alittle about the posters that were made for the Arcade Fire tours. I've seen them and I was really curous about them at the time. I'm going to have to try my hand out here with them. Cool cool.......

Also, on less of a DIY note, I really am in love with this building.

Graffiti LEDs

I found this link on I would really like to go put a bunch of these together and go a building up in my area. So nice, wikkid and lovely. Here are instruction on how to go make an LED graffiti magnet.

oh valentines day

I submitted this image for an exercise of sorts being put on by terminus1525. You can view my picture here and go check out the others by clicking on the "anti-valentine" link at the bottom of the terminus page I've linked to. I'm thinking I should search the world for other places to flex my graphic muscle.

Burning man

Black Rock from Above
Originally uploaded by DogFromSPACE. So, I've been going through the flicker website quite regularly and lately I've been getting into images from the burning man festival last year. You can take a look at a few of the pictures here and start planning your way out there.


I have this desire to go make a geodesic dome and a day....oh one day it'll happen. I've given the city a phonecall to enquire about building a labyrinth and it looks like they may be designing one, but also they arn't for designing one where I was planning on putting it.

Oh well. I now need to start collecting metal for a dome.

Beatboxing and such.

So, what can I add to this blog today. I've been "working" to find work for the past little while. I haven't really been working all that hard, but I'm trying to find a comfortable place of work and creative output.

I found a few recording of the beatboxing championship I was witness to in London England. Feel free to check out the recordings here. They are pretty damned amazing and they go alittle beyond the traditional beatboxing you've known in the past. I really enjoyed the Desebel performance. He does some crazy trancy, housey beatboxing that was completetly awsome and new to me.

I had recently also been listening to the cbc and heard this interesting show that was talking about using satelitte footage to make music. Follow this link if you're curious :

Things to do

I have a plans to go to a few conferences this upcoming year. But, it's starting to look like they will all be on the same week. I really wanted to try to get Mutek 06, Subtle technologies 06, and NIME 06. They all sound interesting and I could have the chance to go to them all maybe. I'm not sure about mutek, but NIME starts June 4th...and Subtle ends the 4th. So, there is a little room to move from one to the other. Though....if I went to NIME it would be to present something and Subtle would be to just see what it's all about. Mutek would probably be the biggest for me, but that won't until maybe next year so it seems. And I guess it's about time that we all started thinking about going to burning man.

podcasts and such

So, I recently mentioned that I've found myself a little iPod for christmas. I've been getting all the cool podcast I could find off of the itunes site and putting them on my little machine. I've been picking up the Ricky Gervais show and it's absolutely great. Ricky Gervais is ofcourse one of the main instigators of the British tv show The Office. I think you should be able to listen to the show from his site or possiby by going into itunes and picking it up.

I've also been lovin' the photoshop tv podcast they have going. It's extremely helpful and I've learned so much more just be listening to those guys talking about it rather then reading up on those damned tutorials flooding the net.

please lead me to any other cool podcast when found. I'm looking into starting up my own, but I'm not sure if I really have the interest or time.....meh...I'll see what happens.

Flickr oh flickr

I just got my flickr account working in the last few days and have been adding to it like crazy. If you care to go check it out the link is on the right or you could just go there.

2005 50 best videos

So, I've been trying to make my way through the 50 best videos so stated by this website. I don't know if they are the best but I'll put them up there somewhere. Go watch them all and tell me which one you liked. I thought maybe to many of them used aftereffects 2d/3d image stuff to much.

go to the 50 best

Giant Jenga

Image wildest thing from newyears eve was being witness to a game of Giant Jenga. The sound of this set fallin' down is totally something to behold.