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Tape for a new generation.

This tape is looking like a must have for any person wanting to put words on walls. . I think everyone has a better idea now of what they should be getting me for my birthday coming up shortly.

DIY oh why?

I'm excited to see how this rampant DIY culture is going to move our generation along in the next few years and beyond. I was reading an article on CBC's website today that was discussing DIY poster making in Montreal. Now, I'm a regular poster maker and I was very curious about what was what on Montreal streets. In the article they talk alittle about the posters that were made for the Arcade Fire tours. I've seen them and I was really curous about them at the time. I'm going to have to try my hand out here with them. Cool cool.......

Also, on less of a DIY note, I really am in love with this building.