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iPod Cult

I just recently joined the cult of the iPod. Actually, I'm waiting for it to come in the mail, but when it does I'll be a full on audiofile. I've been looking into all the cool stuff I'm eventually going to get to do. I'm curious about the whole podcasting world. It would be nice to get into doing alittle one of my own, but I'm not sure how much work that takes to get started. I'm sure I'll learn all this stuff over the next few months of owning my little audio device.

I havn't been adding to much to this blog as of late, but I'm sure there really aint much of a readership. So, it's fine if I don't add to this regularly. I'll just wait for the first few complaints that I havn't "blogged" in awhile.

The Walker Channel

To follow along with my last post on the banff website link I just found a link for a site that has an archive of lectures on various artistic practices.

Banff New Media Institute

I was recently sent a link to the Banff New Media Institute site. It has video of a conference on the history of media called "Refresh". If you want to see any of the footage go check it out here:

Liquid Sculpture

I've just found a link to this site of a photographer who takes photographs of water dropping. His images are totally amazing and one day I want to take pictures of water droplets in movement.

I took a picture of water drops on a tent that I'm trying to sell at our local Roca Jacks. Some one saw my picture.

Jason Forrest

This guy, Jason Forrest, has been my newest musical find over the past few days. I think he's got some really cool ripped up, glitch rocky stuff going down and I like his methods of sample selecting. I just picked up two of his albums and they both rip apart old rock songs from the 70's including Styx, Elton Jon, and many others.

I would love to make music like this guy for sure. More stuff to come I suppose. I'll mention more about him when I have more time.

Go check the pitchfork article on his latest album. I also found a video of his here and a nice interview with him on CBC's Brave New Waves here. The CBC interview was done in 2003 I think and it only slightly mentions his albums.

This Jason Forrest fellow also used to go under the name Donna Summer and I believe he was urged to stop using it and his real name stuck. I'm sure this means nothing to you readers out there, but I urge you all to go out and find a copy of his music and take a listen. It's worth a …