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Music Permutations


Memory of a Broken Dimension

This looks like a pretty amazing game.  I've been dreaming about something like this for awhile, but I don't think I have the math skills to create something like it.

Here is a little presentation from the developer of the game xra

some info:

Music from the game:

Play a little test demo here... not actual game just the starting screen.

Someone posted a link to this artist Rosa Menkmanthat was exploring some similar territory.

Slit scan dance and other fun things


Jesse Schell

Boobs vs Tits

3d printed world

Burning Man at Google


Basso Continuo

This is a track I made in Reason about 2002/3
It was a pretty impulsive track and I remember making it pretty quickly.
I've never made a track as DnB-ish as this.
Would like to play around more with this style in the future.

The Art of Journey


What the Future Sounded Like