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Aphex Twin vs Skrillex

Squarepusher interview by Mary Anne Hobbes

I love Squarepusher. Always think he has insightful things to say when ever I hear him talk about the creative process. Also, the Breezeblock was very import part of my listening life.

part 1

part 2

Pop Quiz Pre Mix 2

A talk with DJ Shadow


Cold Cut interview from 2006


Burning Man 3D printed People delivery service


David Byrne post Talking Heads

David Bryne also has a new book out that looks pretty interesting "How Music Works".
Here is a little blog post about it on

Brian Eno on music in rough times


Pop Quiz Pre Mix 1

Where good ideas come from


Saskatchewan Cultural Industries

The government of Saskatchewan is going a survey to see what creatives in the province want to make the situation better.  Here is the consultation document.

Requirements to Support Commercialization Objectives of
Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries

Saskatchewan Film Industry Task Force: Report

Saskatchewan Film/TV Production : Sector Plan


Amon Tobin discussing ISAM


Grant Wilson interview about Rephlex

Chris Cunningham: Japapparatus1