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I think there may be an influx of new shows from myself in the coming months. I had two shows about 2 weeks ago and I've gotten to putting one of them up on the net and I'll be nice and try to space out the other one so you guys out there in the "net" can think about what you listened to and then maybe try to match it up with the other show. You listen and download the show and I would love to hear any feed back. I have my other shows up on my "guidewire" show page. I'm kinda trying to figure out what I should be using the page for. At this point I was planning on putting up mostly my performances, but I've thought up putting up some remixes and such that maybe couldn't be sold but would still be fun to hear. I'm also still into the idea of "selling" music of mine, but don't really seem to want to "buy" it.

Also, I would love if people felt it in their hearts to donate/tip/fund to my musicalness, but I'm aware that that isn't going to coming flowing in. I'm fairly intrigued with the 1000 fans idea and would love if that worked for all artists. In our modern world I can slightly see it working, though it may only work for a few years up until the web/power/reality crash that may happen when oil runs out and neat music is the least of our worries.

The next show I'll be posting up on this here NET will be from my show with Eekwol. It's a little shorter that most of my shows. I was told that it was GOOD so I would like all yall who didn't make it because you don't like my music or Eekwols, you didn't have the cash, forgot, didn't know, you had to shower, you live in another part of the world, or maybe you weren't even born yet!!!

Hope thats good. I'm working on my writing....textually and musically...please respond if you like if you like the music, if you actually read the blog on occasion, or if there is a type or two.



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