Just a few things

So, I guess I have a few things to say.

I was recently shown this wonderful, but scary, video of the some new 3d modeling technology that will literally change the face of film, photography and criminal investigations.

I'm pretty intrigued by this technology and probably won't get much of a chance to use it myself, but it's certainly going to push the boundaries of what we can believe from now on.

I guess my second thing that has been on my mind today was the little old place of myspace. It seems like myspace is becoming more and more widely used, but it doesn't seem to really be enhancing its operations at all for the considerable amount of people that are using it. I know that it's free and people can use it to promote themselves, but that doesn't mean that people shouldn't get something more usable than what's provided. In this age of web design I don't think any site should be able to get away with what they do. Myspace should be challenged and criticized as much as our politicians or public institutions.


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