War on Terror party

This up coming week an art collective I'm somewhat apart of is going to have a few things going on to make the time of season more exciting. We are having a party at the Gabbo's night club on Dewdney. It should be great, we have alot of interesting plans for decorations and interactions with the crowd that's coming to it. We are going to try and wrap the entire place in black fabric of some sort. We are going to create a small space for the dancers to dance in. The excitement wont be held back on this one baby....oh no..........no holding back!

We are also having a haunted house on the next saturday and sunday. It'll be at 2210 15th ave. at the corner of 15th and Lorne. We are taking over the basement of an old apartment building and I want to fill the place with interesting, terrifying sounds.

I group of "artists" really want to make something wonderful for people to explore and enjoy. Hope people come out to it.


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