New Aphex Twin Interview

So I've been inspired and obessed with Aphex Twin ( Richard D. James) music for years. I've been listening to his side project The Tuss non stop for a year or so. I've been searching the blogs, forums and what ever other venue I could to find info on anything new. Today the "twitter" alerted me to a new interview with him. You can read it from these links below. I'm totally pumped to hear his "6 completed albums" .... hopefully in one big box set.


Some nice thoughts from him...

Check here for more discussion

here is one of his "new" untitled tracks

and here is a remix I made of one of his Tuss tracks
Last rushup 10( guidewire remix) by The Tuss by guidewire

Thought this was interesting to include...

Update (march21_11):
Aphex played a unreleased track known by fans as the "Manchester Track" out at an event in Singapore this weekend. It's been around for a few years, but I hadn't heard it before. Enjoy.



Anonymous said…
the link to the interview do not work do you have a copy of the scans please?
Unknown said…
Hey, thanks for the comment. It looks like the first link went down. I'll have to post my copy or look for a new link and then just sit back and wait for the albums to come out ;-)
Unknown said…
should be fixed now
Anonymous said…
Very insightful interview. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
the first link doesn't work, and that's the part where he mention his new unrelesed music :s

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