The Situation

I was just listening to the album "Situation" by Buck 65 and I was pleasantly surprised. The last few times I've heard his music I was slightly disappointed. Generally I listen to his music and I enjoy his choice of words and the production, then I see him perform and get distracted and off put by the wordiness. Situation was produced by Scratch Bastid and it's got some nice sounds. Totally enjoyed it. SCRATCH BASTID IS AWSOME.!..!..i might ad.

I'm thinking I should try my hand at music reviews here. I'll keep you posted.....if there is a you. I'm trying to work on a nice report of a trip I took to Toronto recently. I saw a bunch of great concerts worthy of note and visual documentation. Hopefully I can gather up something to note. I'm slightly discouraged by the whole BLOG thing. I can see some of the benefits of it. But, then you sit down and try to write a little something and it goes nowhere. I suppose it has something to do with English classes and knowing who your audience is.


Anonymous said…
I am here.

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